Paints We Use

We use a variety of different paints depending on the conditions and performance required of the paint.

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The paint selection is a very important part of any paint job and is usually decided using factors such as cost, use (substrate, conditions) and performance requirements. There is a paint for almost every surface you can imagine.

Our main reasons for using these suppliers are both personal and professional.  Over the years we have developed relationships with these companies and work together to solve problems and ultimately provide our clients with the best paint system for their needs.  Our suppliers know us as a company that puts customer service as its number one priority and trust us to apply their product correctly.  Because of these relationships they even refer us to their own clients.

These companies are a useful resource for both us and our clients, whether they are architects, home owners, building engineers, or facility maintenance. Higher quality paints cost more but perform better. They maintain color and adhesion for longer, require less maintenance, and last longer subsequently costing less over time.

We offer cost alternatives with most of our estimates for options of paint grades.  These days most exterior paints are water borne latex paints that perform well in the Colorado climate.  We have used Benjamin Moore, Moorgard Paint, and Sherman Williams Duration and Super paint for many years on exterior homes in Denver with exceptional results.

Interior paints are less critical in respect to performance, nevertheless product choice is important. Benjamin Moore Superspec Paint and Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 contractor grade interior paints are very good value and also provide excellent quality.  A noticeable shift toward low VOC paints or rather environmentally friendly paints has led to the creation of many different low and zero VOC paints like Benjamin Moore Aura and Sherwin Williams Harmony lines that are zero VOC.   Benjamin Moore Natura and Sherwin Williams ProGreen 200 are also good low VOC alternatives.

All these paints come in all the colors one could possibly imagine and we are happy to advise our clients about the best paint selection.